3 signs it’s time to change sides


There are many ways that having a sideline can benefit you. On the one hand, this extra money could come in handy for paying everyday bills, especially in light of recent inflation. Increasing your income with a side job could also help meet important financial goals, like growing your savings account, paying off debt, or putting down a down payment to buy a home.

If you want to maintain a sideline, it’s important that this gig fits into your lifestyle and supports your income goals. And if these things apply to you, maybe it’s time to trade in your current sideline for a better one.

1. You have trouble finding time for yourself

Some secondary activities are more flexible than others. If your sideways hustle is forcing you to have a rigid schedule, then you might have a hard time keeping up with the things you need to do, like tracking health issues or even basic errands.

Imagine working until 6:00 p.m. at your main job Monday through Friday, then having a side job that requires you to work from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. every weekday evening. Maintaining that schedule could mean struggling to find time to grocery store or run errands when stores are open.

Not only that, but this kind of schedule could ensure that you don’t have any downtime during the week. And that’s not a healthy thing. If your sideline is consuming just about every minute of your free time, you might want to find one that doesn’t require so many hours.

2. You endanger your main job

While you can do the actual work for your team in the evenings and on weekends, some gigs can put you in a position where you’re forced to take calls or answer emails during the work day. It could jeopardize your main job.

Imagine your side business is designing websites, which you do outside of normal working hours. But if you have clients who want to discuss updates with you every week, they may want to do so during the day, when they are at work. You may have to find excuses to cut and take those calls when you really should be minding your main job.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes take a call during the work day for a personal matter. But if your sideline is causing continuous interruptions to your regular work schedule, it might be time to find a new one.

3. You are not making enough money

While you can ultimately profit from your side business, let’s face it, you also want it to be lucrative. If you’re struggling to meet your income goals, maybe it’s time to make a change.

Imagine that your side gig features you selling homemade jewelry online. This might be a fun way to make money, but if you only make a $ 40 sale here and there and your goal is to increase your income by $ 500 per month, it’s not okay. just not reduce it. In this case, it might pay off to find a better paying job and save your jewelry making for leisure purposes. Or, keep selling your designs, but get another side job for the income boost you want.

It may take some trial and error before you find a side business that’s right for you. Don’t be discouraged if you have to play with different side gigs until you find the best one to keep it going for the long haul.


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