A robust transport system



The gap between what we need and what we have is huge and growing every day. This is one of the reasons we have too many small private vehicles filling our roads and filling our markets all over Srinagar. And if you’re stuck until the evening, you won’t be able to get home easily unless you have your own vehicle.

There is much that can be done to provide this city with a reliable and efficient public transport system. There was a time when we had a good contribution from the government, in the form of JKSRTC buses, managing long-distance inter-district public transport.

We also had a dynamic private KMD service that ran on the buses and in the entrance district. But now everything has changed. It needs a significant contribution from the government to establish a valid transport system in the city of Srinagar, as well as for inter-district mobility.

This would require not only adding more buses to JKSRTC, but also injecting vigor into the private sector to provide good transport services. For this, user-friendly financing programs and a straightforward legal process are absolutely necessary. We know what the pandemic has done to our financial situation. We know how much our relevant ministries discourage people from applying to the various government programs in place.

Adding a new bus fleet would surely help provide better transportation facilities for residents of remote areas and connect J&K major towns, but it would require more such inputs at regular intervals. Likewise, the announcement about the digitization of processes and faceless, paperless manufacturing is welcome news.

There is an urgent need to integrate technology into our transportation system. If all elements of this system – licensing, registration, tolls, parking, financing and road traffic – are made effective, we can expect a robust transportation system in the future.


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