Adherence to scientific innovation and compliance, AMCAP launches double-balanced indicators of technological development and financial activities

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – December 29, 2021) – Recently, AMCAP Group, a well-known financial services brand, announced that it will always adhere to scientific innovation and legal compliance, and has published the double-balanced technology development and financial affairs index data, which is summarized from the Group’s years of research in the asset management industry.

Louis Fisk, Market Analyst at AMCAP Group, said: The application and development of technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence have changed people’s lives and improved the efficiency of financial services. The application of big data and artificial intelligence to make risk control decisions more accurate and efficient has become an important area of ​​research in technology-based finance.

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In technology, finance, and financial transactions industry, users are sensitive to transaction risks. An effective risk control system can become the key to the survival of any financial transaction application platform. In the context of perfect supervision and the end of the transition period for asset management, the mature risk control system of international asset management institutions is undoubtedly a good service benchmark for the organization. company in China. After years of competition in the industry and improvement of the service system, a number of foreign asset management companies represented by the AMCAP group have emerged. They not only actively adopt supervision, but also gradually explore a suitable risk control system for the development of their own platform, thus becoming a model in the industry.

Nowadays, signs such as inflation and devaluation of assets are frequently seen in many countries. Relatively speaking, China is relatively stable, and people’s awareness of financial management is also actively improving. On December 22, 2021, the AMCAP Group successfully hosted a Global Summit of Asset Allocation Decision Makers in China, officially ushering in a new era of innovation. During the meeting, the management of AMCAP group objectively analyzed and explained the revolutionary upgrade brought by technology to the wealth management industry and the changes in user behavior patterns.

The AMCAP Group stresses that within the regulatory framework, an appropriate innovation can promote financial development, fully play the role of finance in the allocation of resources and better serve the real economy and customers for wealth management transactions. in line. In addition, paying attention to the combination of innovation and risk control is the proper meaning of financial innovation on the Internet, and is also the development requirement and the difficult operating index of AMCAP group.

Once the credit system is lacking and the platform’s risk control capacity is not strong, it will become the key to restrict the development of the industry. The AMCAP group believes that this is also a key factor in ensuring that small, non-performing institutions are exposed in the industry. In such a context, intelligent risk control, which comprehensively applies financial technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to the risk control link, has become the main driver of development for every institution. It increased its investments in the field of intelligent risk control and formed a risk control system adapted to the development of its own platform.

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Going forward, the activities of the AMCAP Group will continue to seize the opportunities of the times and effectively integrate the innovative functionalities of advanced technology, smart technology and digital finance. It will work with all of its members to seek win-win cooperation, serve its feet well and strive to become one of the world’s top 500 companies.

Thanks to its unique risk control model and its credit assessment system, the AMCAP group performs multidimensional and three-dimensional audits and pre-judgments, uses a big data analysis system and more efficient scientific and technological means. to monitor assets throughout the process and provide financial support. services for groups who need wealth management and diversified online financial transactions to effectively resist risk. What deserves attention is the traditional control of financial risks, which places more emphasis on security. However, the AMCAP group’s trade assurance system can balance “safety, income and efficiency”.

Quality wealth management to increase client demand is fundamental for the long-term development of the asset management industry. In this regard, the AMCAP Group is also making continuous efforts. It is understood that on the asset side, the AMCAP Group is committed to superior quality financial products in various fields of activity. At the same time, AMCAP group adopted intelligent online transaction model to achieve standardized risk control, and assessed the company objectively and comprehensively using four risk control models, namely financial indicators, operational indicators, risk control indicators and product history, in order to ensure quality service at source.

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Innovation is not equal to risk. In the age of smart finance, AMCAP Group will strive to balance innovation with risk control, take innovation as a driver, and strive to create a smart compliance operating system and standardized. Through the innovative application of high and new technologies, it can realize comprehensive risk management, reduce cost and improve efficiency. As the industry leader of international capital management in the Chinese market, AMCAP Group will continue to adhere to the legislation and compliance, promote the matching and matching of the international management business of capital with the Chinese market, to develop in depth, to better serve and protect the financial management needs of users.

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