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The rapid digitization of global markets may have helped economies through the past two years, but it has also opened the doors to an upsurge in cyber threats and cybercrime. Since online banking, online shopping and other digital transactions have become the norm, cybercriminals have found it easier to take advantage of the vast data traffic on the web. Cybercriminals have also expanded their targets to include commercial establishments, small businesses, essential services like hospitals and healthcare facilities, and even individuals.

A report by security software company Norton indicated a 40% increase in global ransomware attacks in 2020. About 2,200 attacks occur every day; approximately one cyberattack every 39 seconds. Meanwhile, global technology and software analyst Techjury reported that 30,000 websites worldwide are hacked every day.

Although not all attempts succeed, the sheer volume of cyber threats every day is proof that organizations must remain vigilant. Along with having an impenetrable firewall and online security system, companies should have a battalion of highly skilled cybersecurity experts and cyber intelligence officers to help them mount counterattacks. online 24/7.

Those who bear the brunt of a successful data breach can rack up losses of up to $3.86 million based on Interpol’s ASEAN Cyberthreat Assessment 2021. Most data breaches are orchestrated in such a complex way that it takes companies 280 days to identify and contain them. In addition to financial losses, affected organizations could also suffer massive losses in consumer and stakeholder trust.

The effects of cyberattacks are so damaging that businesses, governments and even individuals need to step up their efforts to reduce their risk. To help businesses and professionals guard against the onslaught of potential attacks, the Asian Institute of Management has developed a master’s degree program in cybersecurity under the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business.

“The risks and rewards of cybersecurity will be part of the normal course of business. Going forward, organizations will be assessed not only on financial performance, but also on cyber attack readiness. AIM’s Masters in Cybersecurity program provides business leaders and aspiring cybersecurity specialists with a solid grasp of information technology security to properly defend their organizations,” said Professor Felipe Calderon, Ph. .D., director of AIM’s Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business.

Unlike other programs that focus on technical aspects and programming, AIM’s Master in Cybersecurity will also impart much-needed skills in financial accounting and financial management, with an emphasis on sustainability and ethics. . These subjects will enhance students’ skills in finance and help them develop a keen eye for potential areas of risk related to finance.

Banking and finance are among the industries most vulnerable to attack due to the nature of their business and unhindered access to vast amounts of personal and corporate data. These high-risk industries have highlighted the need for cybersecurity experts who have a solid understanding of financial management and accounting.

With the help of the premier institution’s new curriculum, more professionals can become effective cyber intelligence specialists who can foresee possible risks and skillfully mitigate threats using sustainable and ethical methodologies.

“The overarching goal is to develop cybersecurity leaders who are imbued not only with financial acumen, but also with sustainability and ethical values,” Professor Calderon added.

Students who enroll in the program will learn first-hand from seasoned experts in IT security strategy and governance, management information systems, financial management, security management, digital forensics, data visualization and storytelling, and emerging technologies and sustainability.

AIM’s Master in Cybersecurity is an 18-month leadership and cyber risk management program designed for non-technical and technical managers. It is a non-IT program that trains highly skilled professionals who can prevent, manage, communicate and reduce aftershocks of cyber incidents. The program is offered on a part-time basis using a hybrid curriculum. Interested candidates should have a non-technical or technical bachelor’s degree and at least five years of work experience, preferably two years of experience leading a team. Applicants can visit



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