Aisino: 2021/10 / 25Aisino wins the tender for the electronic accounting file management system …



Recently, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) successively won bids for Shanxi Dadi Holdings Natural Resources Industry Group Co., Ltd. Electronic Accounting File System and Expense Control System Project, and Management System Project. Shanxi Road and Bridge Construction Electronic Accounting Files. Group Co., Ltd.

Starting from the financial management intelligence development needs of the company’s users, the project breaks down the information barriers between the main business system, the tax management platform and the accounting file management system. and forms a comprehensive database of electronic accounting file resource information. The system integrates functions such as invoice collection, intelligent identification, intelligent reporting, intelligent auditing, contract verification and budget verification, which can realize intelligent expenditure management and control, accelerate the online circulation of electronic invoices and meet the requirements of enterprise users for intelligent financial management.

Once the project is deployed, it will effectively simplify the company’s financial work processes, improve the efficiency of financial work, ensure the security of electronic files, solve the problem of long-term storage and repeated access to files. company accountants, and will help accelerate the paperless office process of large-scale enterprise groups in Shanxi Province.


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