Child poverty, organizational learning and humanitarian action revive the Board

Achieving the vision change advocated by the Review will require significant additional investments in key areas, including humanitarian leadership. In light of current challenges, including the key milestone of achieving 70% coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine by mid-2022 – as recommended by the World Health Organization, UNICEF presented to the Board a proposal to create a high-level position to help ensure accelerated delivery of vaccines by leading a high-level inter-agency team and working with Heads of State, senior officials and key donors to support deployment vaccines.

Key decisions

At the end of the session, the Executive Board adopted eight decisions, including the approval of new country/multi-country programs as well as ongoing country programmes; the four-year plan for global assessments; a joint evaluability assessment; private fundraising and partnerships work plan and budget; the financial report and audited financial statements and report of the Board of Auditors for 2020 and management’s response; an update on the implementation of recommendations made to address sexual misconduct and change organizational culture; and the creation of an Assistant Secretary-General position to lead the inter-agency coordination structure for the global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

In her closing remarks, Chief Executive Officer Ms. Russell said she looked forward to working with the organization’s Board and partners to implement the strategic plan, report on progress and track progress. achievements. “UNICEF is in an excellent position to carry out our mission – and we will have to use all the tools and advantages at our disposal to help the millions of children who are at risk in the world today,” he said. -she adds.

She thanked the Executive Board for approving the creation of the position to lead and support COVID-19 country preparedness and execution, stating that “UNICEF has the expertise, the leadership experience, partnerships and country-level capacity to help put these vaccines into arms.

Ambassador Carazo remarked that “children are not only more likely to fall into poverty than adults, but, unfortunately, they are also the people who experience the deep and lasting effects of this poverty throughout their lives. “.

But, he added, “UNICEF already knows what to do and will continue to fight to…resolve the underlying issues for all our children and adolescents.”


The Executive Council will meet for its 2022 annual session from June 14 to 17.

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