Coast Guard Announces Recipients of Inaugural Customer Service Excellence Awards

VAdm Paul F. Thomas, Deputy Commander Mission Support, today announced the recipients of the U.S. Coast Guard’s inaugural Customer Service Excellence Awards.

Congratulations to the following winners, listed by category:

Large unit: Galveston Base. The Galveston base provided exceptional support to more than 1,600 Coast Guard personnel and their families displaced due to the catastrophic effects of Hurricane IDA. Staff developed innovative tools, systems, and processes to account for and support displaced Coast Guard members and their families, in addition to facilitating the procurement and delivery of supplies and services. These creative solutions (e.g. Family Assessment Tool, FAST Reports and Offline Provisioning System) have been so successful that they are being integrated and used across the Coast Guard.

Small Unit: Baltimore In-Service Vessel Sustainment Project Resident Office (ISVS Baltimore). ISVS Baltimore has provided top notch customer service while performing major maintenance availabilities on 225′ offshore buoy tenders (eg CGCs JUNIPER, WALNUT and CYPRESS). Through large-scale hull and structural repairs and the replacement of obsolete equipment, staff have greatly improved the Coast Guard’s fleet of aids to navigation. The unit has also done an impressive job on the 270′ life extension projects, returning many operational days to the Atlantic Region Commander. Their responsiveness to customer needs, their ability to integrate the administrative and repair work of incoming and outgoing teams and the rapid application of innovative processes are truly commendable.


Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber ​​Services and Information Center – Infrastructure Services Division. This team has worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve the availability and resilience of the Coast Guard’s IT infrastructure and expand the Service’s ability to work remotely. They demonstrated exceptional responsiveness, innovation and integration by quickly identifying challenges that impeded access to information, authorities and developing critical solutions. Thanks to their exceptional efforts, a large percentage of the Coast Guard workforce has been able to work remotely while carrying out their responsibilities.

Hurricane IDA Personnel Support Team. The efforts of this team to assist Coast Guard personnel and their families who had to evacuate their homes due to Hurricane IDA was truly commendable. Despite severe damage (e.g., power outages that lasted for months) and complex challenges (e.g., shutting down legacy financial and travel systems to prepare for the transition from FSMS), the team quickly delivered the essential support services that individuals needed. With excellent responsiveness and integrated communications, the team delivered rights; funding for accommodation, travel and other necessities; and over $1.3 million in grants and loans.

Regional Support Team 7 from District SEVEN and Base Miami Beach. As the Coast Guard transitioned to a new financial management and procurement system, this team worked tirelessly to ensure units had the knowledge and means to continue operating smoothly. The team developed innovative solutions, enabling fund managers to continue working offline during the transition from FSMS, and provided clear instructions to help them navigate the new financial system. The team also demonstrated exceptional responsiveness by going above and beyond to ensure that no unit lost essential public services (97 accounts) and that all units met budgets and spending plans. accurate. The team’s financial support has helped ease the stress for members affected by Hurricane IDA so they can continue to perform their jobs and serve the Coast Guard and the American public.


Ashley Pfingsten, Health Services Technician 1st Class; for his performance as supervisor of the Base Honolulu Operational Medicine Clinic. HS1 Pfingsten has epitomized innovation, integration, and responsiveness by consistently providing exceptional medical care and support to more than 1,300 service members across the Hawaiian Islands and primary care to 650 operators, despite having no so many resources to care for 350 patients. He soon volunteered to serve as a qualified HS to help save the life of a patient during a medical evacuation from Palmyra Atoll. HS1 provided mandatory and urgent COVID vaccinations and testing to meet foreign port entry requirements and ensure that hundreds of cutter crew members were medically prepared for scheduled departures on time. She also provided exceptional medical administration while overseeing the documentation of 240 members during a drinking water crisis on Oahu and prepared the clinic for inspections to receive certification from the Credentialing Association for outpatient health care.

Derek Williams, Chief Warrant Officer; for his performance as a base administrator of the Cape Cod Kaehler Memorial Clinic. CWO Williams has provided exceptional medical services during the pandemic, leading to him being recognized as a critical leader for Southeastern New England’s COVID-19 response. His remarkable responsiveness and innovative thinking were evident as he provided exceptional medical care to Coast Guard members and their families, ensuring service readiness. He also led federal partner medical teams, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“I want to personally thank the winners and other nominees for their outstanding customer service in support of the mission,” Thomas said in the announcement. “I really enjoyed reading all of the nominations, and I appreciate your leadership team for taking the time to recognize your outstanding efforts and incredible commitment to the Service. Through exceptional dedication, innovative solutions, and integrated communications, you have certainly advanced our mission excellence by providing responsive mission support, resulting in operational success as the Service faced challenging significant challenges, including the pandemic, natural disasters and the transition to a new financial management system. . As my commander intended, I applaud everyone for your responsiveness, integration and innovation. »

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