Comcast Rise Helps Minority-Owned Small Businesses


Comcast is once again accepting applications for RISE, its program formed last year

to give small businesses owned by people of color the tools to succeed.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, between February and April 2020, the number of active black-owned businesses fell by 41%, Latinx-owned businesses fell by 32%, and Asian-owned businesses fell by 25%, against only 21.% for the general population. Comcast RISE aims to help these affected businesses grow.

Comcast Rise is an investment fund designed to support small minority-owned businesses through grants, technology transformations and marketing services.

“Businesses owned by people of color were statistically more likely to find that businesses owned by people of color would be in a worse financial situation, or more of them would be forced to close… We specifically wanted to help these business owners, and what our goal was to provide marketing or technology services, ”said Jennifer Bilotta, vice president of communications at Comcast.

To date, the program has selected 3,700 blacks, natives, and other small business of color people as RISE beneficiaries, five of which are from Bucks County. These companies have received grants, technological transformations and marketing services.

“It killed our savings”: Hardest hit during COVID, black and Hispanic businesses seek to bounce back

Bilotta said Comcast is committed to supporting 13,000 small businesses by 2022 and that the program will continue with a new app open this month.

“It’s a very simple app… They are looking for people to share their stories and talk about how they have been affected by the pandemic. What was their business like before and what their business is like now, and what they could use, use those rewards to do and how it would help their businesses, ”Bilotta said.

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