Coppell ISD Receives “Superior” Financial Rating | New


Coppell ISD CFO Diana Sircar briefed the board on the district’s financial management report for the 2019-2020 school year at their meeting on Monday.

Sircar said the financial rating came from Texas’ Financial Integrity Rating System, which ensures districts are financially responsible and encourages them to improve their financial management each year.

This is the first year that the system will implement 20 new indicators touching on elements such as financial transparency, indebtedness, ensuring that expenses do not exceed income and ensuring that large discrepancies are mitigated. . The differences will be measured over the last three years.

Sircar stated that Coppell ISD received a perfect rating and a top rating for its financial management. In addition to timely payments and on-time filing of reports, she said the district has had minimal discrepancies in its income, fund balance and expenses since the 2017-18 school year, the district no. has not decreased enrollment or students in the past three years, Coppell ISD has proven it can pay its debt, maintained financial transparency, and district revenues exceed expenses.

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