Council reviews long-range plan for infrastructure and road projects – Lake County Record-Bee

CLEARLAKE—Clearlake City Council at its regular meeting on Thursday received a presentation from representatives of the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC)/Distressed Cities Technical Assistance Program (DCTA) on a myriad of projects in the City of Clearlake .

The Local Initiative Support Corporation works with an extensive network of community partners to invest in housing, businesses, jobs, education, safety and health through 38 local offices. It is a rural program that reaches more than 2,200 counties in 45 states, as well as subsidiaries and entities founded by LISC.

The Cities in Distress Technical Assistance Program is designed to build the capacity of local governments in economic difficulty and help local governments and their nonprofit partners reduce persistent poverty in specific areas (census tracts). Through DCTA, the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) provides technical assistance directly to entities serving small communities of less than 50,000 residents.

“Tackling the issues of small rural communities has been a passion for me throughout my career, and I wasn’t really ready to retire, so I was lucky to have this opportunity. The work we’ve done in Clearlake, like (the work) we’ve done in most small, struggling communities, focuses on three areas: financial management systems, economic development, and housing,” Stan said. Keasling, consultant working with the program. , which has a contract with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to support communities that have suffered natural disasters.

“On the financial system side, we worked with staff on the development of financial management procedures and policies, including timekeeping, application of overhead to grant receipts by City Procurement and benefits,” Keasling continued. “When it comes to economic development, we’ve had a number of different places we’ve worked. We tried to identify resources that could help finance new businesses or the relocation or expansion of businesses. This work mainly focused on the airport and its renovation. On the housing side, we have been working with staff on strategies on how to use tax delinquent properties to create new housing, working on mobile home parks and looking at issues around them.

When it comes to considering actions relating to measure V, the financing of road improvements, the idea is to dedicate it to a financing plan to raise a large sum of money for many projects. roads, with an estimate of 15 years. “We are working to change the image of Clearlake, and we have an opportunity to pave a significant amount of our residential roads, which could then appeal to our investors. It could also mitigate additional security issues. And there is also the possibility for additional residents to come to this area, ”said city finance director Kelcey Young.

Resolution of the Clearlake Public Finance Authority Board of Directors authorized the execution and delivery of an installment sale agreement and assignment agreement to fund road improvements in the City of Clearlake , approving related documents and actions.

Clearlake City Council meets the first and third Thursdays of each month. Information about future and past meetings, including agendas and minutes, can be viewed online at

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