Disgraced former SNP finance secretary Derek Mackay sets up new consultancy firm

A disgraced former SNP finance secretary set up a consultancy after quitting politics.

Derek Mackay, who quit after bombarding a 16-year-old boy with hundreds of messages, is behind start-up Lochan Associates Ltd.

Mackay was a rising SNP star tipped to succeed Nicola Sturgeon as prime minister.

However, he quit his post in 2020 on the day he was supposed to present the budget after the posts were published.

He left the Cabinet, apologized to the boy, and never returned to Holyrood.

According to the Herald, the consultancy was incorporated earlier this week and lists Mackay as its sole director, sole shareholder and “significantly controlling person.”

It is registered to an address in Paisley.

According to Companies House, the firm will carry out “management consultancy activities other than financial management“.

Mackay was a consultancy chief before joining Holyrood and the creation of the new business will inevitably raise questions about whether he will provide political consultancy services.

Although he never returned to Parliament after leaving his cabinet post, Mackay was on his MSP salary until the last election.

The Tories are planning legislation that could force politicians who do not attend Holyrood for six months to step down.

Tory MSP Russell Findlay said: “Having shamelessly fiddled with every last penny of Scottish taxpayers since his fall, Derek Mackay’s legacy will likely be a new law brought forward by the Scottish Tories which will allow rogue MSPs to be sacked.”

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