Episode 1: So I was the caregiver


In the first episode of Fair Shares, a Washington Post Creative Group and MassMutual podcast on helping smart women plan for a better financial future, host Bola Sokunbi – a financial education trainer and CEO of Clever Girl Finance – joins a mother trying to balance work, parenthood and money.

Sokunbi speaks candidly with Ariana, who found out her son has special needs when she started teaching him at home about a year ago. She became his full-time babysitter after losing her job during the pandemic – and had to figure out how to make ends meet while giving her the attention her functional needs require. Sokunbi helps Ariana think about a financial game plan, including purchasing life insurance, as she seeks to find a new balance in her life amid these difficult circumstances.

Show remarks:

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  3. Individual disability insurance can help protect your financial health. MassMutual can help you review your options. Learn more about https://www.massmutual.com/insurance/disability- Income-insurance.
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