Firefighter in Indore gives free training to poor students for police, army recruitment

Police and Army Recruitment Training by Foreman in Indore

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An Indore fire constable provides free physical training to students from economically weaker sections preparing for police and army recruitment exams.
Om Prakash Jaiswal, a firefighter in the Indore Fire Brigade, has trained thousands of students over the past 10 years who are now serving in the Indian Police and Army.

Jaiswal was also a national level marathon runner and won a gold medal in a 42 kilometer race. His residence is dotted with medals and trophies. He was transferred to the fire service as a Constable of the State Armed Forces (SAF).

Speaking to ANI, Jaiswal said, “There are a lot of poor children who are unable to afford the tuition fees for the police or army training academy. so started to provide free training to these students.These children have a great passion to serve for the country but due to financial constraints they have not been able to attend training.They just need to be guided well. Otherwise, they may take the wrong path due to depression.

“I decided that by giving free training to these children, I would help them build a great nation. I started giving training in 2012 and so far more than 8,000 students are serving the country in the army and the police.”

He said that the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare of the Madhya Pradesh government has now entrusted him with the responsibility of training these children.

“Right now, I have 600 students doing physical training, including 300 girls and 300 boys. They are learning long jump, shot put, running, pulling, etc.,” he said. declared.

Nisha Chauhan, who is undergoing training at Om Prakash Jaiswal, said two members of her family had undergone training at Jaiswal and joined the police.

“Our financial situation is not good. I am preparing for a position as a police officer and I am coming here for free training. In our family, two people had joined the police after training with Om Prakash sir,” Chauhan told ANI.

Khandwa resident Shivkumar Yadav prepares for police recruitment. Yadav is a farmer’s son.

“My financial situation is not good. I live with a relative in Indore and I am free training from Om Prakash sir. Here the kits are also given free. Apart from this Om Prakash sir helps to reduce the fees for students who are unable to afford the training course. He also organizes food and drink for poor students,” Shivkumar said.

Another aspirant, Shalini Yadav, who is preparing to become a sub-inspector, said her brother worked in the police and had undergone training in Jaiswal. “I also came here to train like my brother. Here training is done for running, shot put and long jump,” Shalini told ANI.

Amit Gurjar, a midshipman has come from Harda to Indore and is preparing for the sub-inspector. “I couldn’t afford the academy fee. I learned from friends that Om Prakash sir gives free fitness training so I came here to train,” Gurjar said.

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