Harrison to seek new manager in 2022

LEAVING – Tim Pellerin announced last week that he would be leaving Harrison next month after taking on the role of managing director at South Berwick.

By Wayne E. Rivet


HARRISON – Family means a lot to Tim Pellerin, so when the opportunity for a city manager job in southern Maine recently arose that would bring him closer to his children and two granddaughters, he looked into the matter.

“I am happy here. I wasn’t looking, ”Pellerin said last Friday. “I received an email regarding this position and requested an interview. I thought about it and said ‘okay’. I wasn’t going to be upset if I didn’t get the job because I love the job here and I love the select committee. I have the best staff I have ever had. The staff are the best of the best. This makes it easier to work when you have a Super Bowl team. I cannot thank the staff and citizens enough for their support.

Pellerin emerged as the top candidate at South Berwick, and when his terms of employment were agreed on October 26, he agreed to take the job.

“Change is difficult and the decision was not easy, but in the end I felt for all the positive reasons that it was the right choice for me and my family… It was with mixed emotions that I inform you that I have submitted my formal notice of resignation to the Board of Directors of Selectmen, ”Pellerin wrote in a letter to his staff on October 27. “I really enjoyed my stay here in Harrison and would like to thank each of you for your dedication, effort and cooperation in making the Town of Harrison a great success. Harrison is a great community and the people are the best I have ever worked with. Together we have made great strides with many successes that have benefited citizens and the community, all thanks to each of you.

Pellerin signed a three-year contract. His resignation is effective Friday December 10.

“I enjoyed working for Harrison and with each of you. Individually, you have each made a difference in the lives of the citizens we serve. I am happy to have had the opportunity to serve with and by your side and to see you as family, ”Pellerin wrote in his letter to staff. “When I look back and remember my time here I will think of each of you and smile, remembering the impact you have had on my life and I will be grateful that I had the chance to working together… Thank you for everything you have done for me, be well, stay safe.

South Berwick’s managerial role began when Perry Ellsworth, 71, retired in July after a decade of service. He said it was time for “new ideas” and “a new thought process”. Ironically, Ellsworth served as General Manager for seven years at Rangeley, Pellerin’s former playground, before taking on Harrison’s post in April 2018. Jennifer Janelle, CFO and Deputy City Manager, currently holds the post of interim director.

According to the South Berwick website, the departments that report to the City Manager are: Planning, City Clerk, Public Works, Code Enforcement, Police, Fire, Recreation, Social Services, and the Library.

Selected board members accepted Pellerin’s resignation with “deep regret” and “sincere appreciation. They praised his excellent rapport with staff and the city’s conduct through tough days due to the pandemic, but will leave Harrison in good financial health.

Randy Gazza, chief of public works, will assume the role of interim city manager, with the help of administrative assistant Cass Newell, until the board begins the search for a new manager, presumably at late winter or early spring.

“Randy is our longest-serving supervisor (eight years as a supervisor, 16 as a city employee) and knows everything there is to know about the projects we are working on. With Randy and Cass working as a team, the city should be fine. If they have a question, I’m just a phone call away, ”Pellerin said. “A good manager sets up a system not to revolve around him, but to give others the tools and the ability to continue. They know how to fly the plane. The staff are team-trained and will continue to function as a team when I am gone.

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