Health monitoring: now mobiles to measure body temperature

IIIT-NR researchers develop AI and IoT-based system to read body temperature via mobile phone

Innovation is in full swing at the International Institute of Information Technology, Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR). Recently, the institute has been in the news for its work on deploying drone technology for crop health monitoring and prediction through a mobile application. The solution can be used to detect insects and diseases in crops and recommend more precise solutions to solve the problem.

IIIT-NR is currently working on an automated thermal alarm and scanning system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), using an Android mobile phone to detect body temperature. The institution has already created the layout of the project and it will be finalized in the coming months. The project was funded by the Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology.

A team of four professors, including Shrivishal Tripathi as lead researcher, Manoj Kumar Majumdar, Vivek Tiwari and Muneendra Jha, are working on a thermal imaging camera that can easily be attached to cell phones, just like selfie lights and flashlights which are easily available in the market. Nowadays.

The camera will focus on sensitive body parts and read the temperature of those parts. As soon as it detects that the body temperature exceeds the normal level, it triggers an alarm by marking the person in the image. With these innovations, testing will become easier and the person will have an indication of their condition before meeting anyone in a public place and this, in turn, will help control the spread of Covid. “The goal of the project is to provide a low-cost, robust and easy-to-use solution that can help improve public health,” said Tripathi, the lead researcher.

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