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The main reason you exist on the planet is not just to survive, but to achieve a goal that is worth it. This goal can be your mission, your goal, or your mission for which financial freedom is part of it. But to achieve this, you need the help of other people. Success can start with your own strength, but to build lasting wealth you need the help of other people. So, you need the help of other people to reach your goals in the same way that other people need your help to reach their goals. And the only way to give or get help is to give.

Giving is the act of assisting, supporting, or helping others achieve their goals. And giving is essential for financial success. Yet not all giving leads to financial freedom. In fact, some types of donation lead to financial bondage. So how and how you give will determine whether you will succeed or fail.

There are two kinds of gifts. The first is a joyful gift and the second is a resentful gift. Giving happily is giving that helps others reach their worthy goals with resources that you are willing to invest, let go, or do without. This is called a happy gift because this kind of gift creates fulfillment. It is giving that gives you the opportunity to participate in advancing someone’s destiny. And it’s also aligned with how we naturally want to give. We all agree that each of us needs help to achieve a worthwhile goal, so we are more open to this kind of help.

The gift of resentment, on the other hand, is a gift that aims to help people survive. It is for people who for some reason cannot survive on their own. This is called resentful giving because it creates frustration in the giver. We all agree that at a minimum everyone should be able to meet their own basic needs. So resentful giving makes you do for others what they should be doing for themselves. In doing so, you push back on your own goals and put yourself in a more fragile financial position. Worst of all is that this kind of donation does not produce any real growth or advancement in the recipient. The recipients become perpetually dependent on you and as the giver you lose the reward for giving. The only gift that will get a reward is a gift that is made with joy. Giving under duress or with resentment wastes valuable resources. Yet this kind of donation is what is most common among the middle class.

The typical middle-class family is littered with these kinds of gifts because there are more dependents than breadwinners. We encourage it in our families and cajole or manipulate people into doing it just to gain the favor of other family members. In fact, our parents are a perfect example of this kind of giving and where that kind of donation can lead you to the end of your career. If you don’t want to be in the same place as your parents, you need to raise the level of your gifts beyond that of your parents. Giving resentment not only delays your financial success, but it also funds and encourages irresponsible behavior, laziness, and family rights. The best way to give is to give happily.

So what is joyful giving and how do you give joyfully when resources are limited and recipients are plentiful?

The answer is simple.

A joyful gift is a gift that aims to help others achieve a worthy goal. This is the kind of gift intended for people whom you have qualified and approved to deserve your help.

To give happily, you must do four things well.

First of all, you have to be a good receiver. Second, you have to give in the correct order. Third, you must give for the right purpose. And fourth, you need to extend your giving beyond money.

Let’s look at each of these components in detail.

Be a good receiver

One of the reasons people suffer financially is because they are good donors but very bad recipients. To give joyfully, you must experience a joyful giving. To be a good receiver is to allow others to give to you. When you experience giving yourself, giving to others becomes second nature. The real essence of giving is not to reduce poverty or to help people survive. But to help people achieve their worthy goals. And if you still have big goals to achieve, then being a good receiver is the only way to achieve them. Being a good receiver allows others to invest in your dreams. And that’s the only way to turn the act of giving from a one-sided unfair situation to a win-win situation that serves you.

So how do you become a good receiver?

To become a good receiver, you need to build upward relationships with high performing students and upper class members. Forming bottom-up relationships is different from forming top-down relationships. And the two require different skills. While top-down relationships are easy to form and can be managed with money. Upward relationships require discipline, high standards, and protocols that must be adhered to. Plus, money isn’t the primary way to help your upward relationships. Upward relationships need help with the things money can’t buy and the things that can produce or buy more money. So, you have to become a certain type of person to be successful in your upward relationships. But until you become that person who is magnetic for upward relationships. You would only be giving to others, and they would be no one to give to you.

Give in the right order

There is a way to give that leads to financial freedom and there is also a way to give that leads to financial bondage. Giving that leads to financial freedom follows God’s command as stated in the Bible. And giving that leads to financial bondage follows another order called society or family order. The Order of God declares that you must first give to God. Even God does not require a sacrificial gift from you; it only requires 10% of your income. Then you have to give yourself. You can only give to others after you have given to yourself first. And the third is to then give to Others. So the only way to give joyfully is to follow God’s command. The Order of the Society states that you must first give to God. Thus, the two orders agree on who should be given first. Even if society always makes the gift to God optional. The second person that society recommends that you give to others. And they recommend that you give sacrificial here. And then whatever is left you can give to yourself. No wonder society is broken. If you follow society’s order of giving, you will never be able to achieve financial freedom or practice joyful giving.

Give for the right purpose

There are only two goals for giving – The first goal is to fund receiver independence and the second goal is to fund receiver dependency. Independent giving is a gift that aims to help others achieve a worthy goal. Goals that create wealth, increase opportunities, open doors or make the recipient financially independent. Dependent gifts are gifts that are intended to help people survive or meet their basic needs. This kind of donation does not produce any tangible results. To achieve financial freedom fast, you need to give more independent giving than dependent giving. You also need to find successful people and invest in them. And then you have to extend your gifts beyond just family members. Investing only in family members is a sure way to regret because you don’t have all of the smart people in your family alone. So, your goal of giving should be to advance human life in general, improve your own life in the process, and make the world a better place.

Expand your giving beyond money

There is only one reason that giving to the lower class leads to a financial struggle – it is because most people depend solely on money. Yet giving at any level can go beyond money. But you can only elevate your giving beyond money when you create other currencies that you can donate beyond money. The fastest way to build a rich bag of currency is to build relationships with high performing people and members of the upper class.

When you develop a rich relationship network, you can solve many problems for people without using your money. If you ever want to achieve financial freedom, you have to create options for giving other than money.

I think the subtle point I’m trying to make in today’s article is this: your donations shouldn’t force you into poverty at the end of your career, as you did. for your parents. If you give in the right way, you will achieve financial freedom, otherwise you will fail.

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Grace O. Agada is Nigeria’s most sought-after financial planning expert. She is a renowned author, financial expert and keynote speaker. Grace is popularly known as the Predictable Financial Freedom Advisor and her goal is to help working professionals escape middle class poverty and move up to the next class. Grace is the author of three books and perhaps the most widely read financial articles. His articles are distributed in seven national newspapers and four of the most popular Nigerian blogs. Grace is also the founder of the University of Wealth, the Rich Retirement Bootcamp, and the Wealthy Business MBA Program. Grace was featured on BBC Africa. Business day television. FM inspiration. and inside Naijatv. And she consults for many top organizations, corporate directors, CEOs, senior executives and high income professionals.


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