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The HowMoneyWorks Learning Center recently opened as a unique addition to the Kirtland community, aimed at increasing financial literacy and money management education for all ages.

Staff at the learning center celebrated the grand opening and groundbreaking ceremony on October 14. They were joined by members of the Kirtland and Lake County administration, as well as local chambers of commerce.

Located at 9328 Chillicothe Road, the HowMoneyWorks Learning Center will offer financial literacy classes and money management consultations based on the principles of the book “How Money Works: Stop Being a Sucker” by Steve Siebold and Tom Mathews, published in 2019.

The Kirtland-based center is run by Grace Himmelright, Mentor’s Resident, Book Contributor and HowMoneyWorks Educator. Himmelright has worked in the financial industry for almost 18 years and leads a team of licensed financial advisors.

Cory Vojack, Director of Workforce Development for the Lake County Board of Commissioners, presents Grace Himmelright with a certificate to commemorate the new learning center. (Sheena Holland Dolan – The News-Herald)

Himmelright said she and her team do not charge for any of their financial planning and consulting services or training courses. She explained that their goal is to help people discover better ways to manage their specific finances, plan for the future and eradicate financial illiteracy.

“We’re very committed to helping people understand their financial situation – it’s not a cookie cutter – and it’s important,” Himmelright said.

Through their consulting services, Himmelright said, they help clients gain a solid understanding of how best to achieve financial security specific to their situation.

“As people find out where they are financially, they can kind of rally where they want to be financially, and we build a roadmap with them,” she said. “And we make sure that before something happens, they can figure it out, explain it to us, and quantify it.”

As for their financial literacy classes, Himmelright said that in addition to their plans to welcome them to the new building, HowMoneyWorks staff are ready to go wherever people are gathered, including businesses, schools and communities. non-profit organizations. They also teach on Zoom, she added.

Learning “how money works” isn’t just for adults, she said, and also offers classes for high school students to help them get off to a good start.

“We teach everything we would like to learn – about investing, credit and how insurance works,” she said.

To learn more about the financial principles and training offered in the new HowMoneyWorks Learning Center, visit


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