KGI aims to be the leading regional player

In a context of flourishing growth and increasing competition in the wealth management industry, KGI Securities Ltd (凱基 證券) strives to be the preferred financial companion for clients in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region in their providing high-end solutions.

KGI Securities chairman William Fang (方維昌) said the company has expanded its network in the region over several years, having established offices in markets such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. with a team of more than 80 analysts.

KGI Securities is committed to leveraging its strengths as a regional platform, serving client needs with versatile and comprehensive wealth management products and professional services.

Photo courtesy of KGI Securities Ltd

KGI Securities Hong Kong Ltd (凱基 證券 香港) announced yesterday the appointment of Kevin Tai (戴 耀 權) to the head of international wealth management.

Drawing on his extensive experience in international finance, Tai should lead the consolidation of wealth management operations in market segments such as Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore, while leading the development of relevant platforms and services, and integrating and developing operations in Asia-Pacific. region outside of Taiwan.

Tai’s appointment signifies the company’s mission to provide world-class brokerage and wealth management products and services, guided by digital improvement, customer-centric and growth-driving strategies.

KGI Hong Kong CEO Reddy Wong (黃浩泉) said that as Asia’s financial hub, Hong Kong is known for having service providers that deliver highly refined and customizable financial services.

The appointment of Tai, who has more than three decades of experience at global institutions such as Everbright Sun Hung Kai Co (光大 新鴻基 證券), CLSA Ltd and JP Morgan Securities LLC, marks a major step for KGI Securities towards achieving its strategic objectives.

KGI Securities Hong Kong’s wealth management segment will focus on expanding its team of financial advisers, integrating its existing brokerage and wealth management operations into a single platform through digital initiatives , and the launch of personalized investment products through cross-industry collaborations to provide clients with tailored financial advice and solutions.

While improving the segmented management of its clients, KGI Securities is to provide its high net worth clients with exclusive and personalized investment products and services through a financial advisory approach, including tailored domestic and foreign structured products, funds of private equity encompassing several asset classes and insurance plans designed for inheritance.

As with its regular clients, KGI Securities must promote financial inclusion by combining the use of data and strategic alliances to develop more differentiated products that meet the investment needs of the general public.

In response to the increasing diversification and complexity of client needs, the company plans to continue to expand its financial services team by recruiting seasoned advisors and cross-industry experts, and supporting them with comprehensive professional training to provide clients holistic asset management solutions, from asset allocation to estate and tax advice.

This year, KGI Securities will launch its analyst support service exclusively for high net worth clients, enabling them to receive important market information and access the benefits of a service typically offered to corporate clients.

Thanks to its client-focused strategies and the constant improvement of its client experience, KGI Securities won several accolades over the past year, including those for best wealth management broker, best sales team, best appreciation of wealth, Smart Financial Management Award and Client’s Choice Award.

The company aims to serve its diverse clients on a deeper level and differentiate its financial offerings to enable high net worth and regular clients to take advantage of the cutting edge services of KGI Securities.

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