Kion and Booz Allen Hamilton help government agencies manage their multi-cloud environments

Kion has teamed up with Booz Allen Hamilton. This partnership will combine Kion’s cloud enablement solution with Booz Allen’s expertise in technology transformation and managed services to provide government customers with comprehensive cloud management and governance capabilities.

As application migration initiatives and the adoption of cloud-native capabilities accelerate across the public sector, more agencies are facing challenges in their multi-cloud environments. These challenges include manual labor to manage day-to-day operations and security threats, as well as a lack of financial oversight. However, the effort to overcome these challenges often results in many solutions that require unique configuration and management while leaving opportunities to realize cloud value and innovation on the table.

To solve these challenges, Kion and Booz Allen will help government agencies govern and manage their multi-cloud environment with an automation, financial controls, and compliance solution that supports agency mission needs.

“Kion is a self-hosted software solution that runs on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as isolated regions deployed on different security fabrics – extremely important attributes for our government customers,” said Brian Price, CEO and co – founder of Kion.

“We’ve helped many government agencies accelerate their cloud maturity by achieving 10x faster cloud provisioning, 30% or more savings on monthly cloud-related expenses, and improved cloud security automation to help meet compliance standards such as FedRAMP. We look forward to partnering with Booz Allen through their technology and managed services offering to help more government agencies that need additional experience and support. Our goal for this partnership is to further demonstrate how a well-managed and governed cloud can enable organizations to innovate faster,” Price said.

The Kion Cloud Enablement Platform is part of Booz Allen’s managed services solution, providing the automation, financial management and compliance capabilities needed to govern and manage the public cloud. Kion, coupled with Booz Allen’s transformation practices, will enable agencies to gain complete visibility, context, and control to ensure mission execution in the cloud.

“Booz Allen has long been a leader in supporting the federal government’s digital modernization efforts and using the cloud as a gateway to mission systems innovation,” said Dan Tucker, senior vice president at Booz Allen and Head of Enterprise Data Engineering and Cloud Solutions for Citizen Services.

“This partnership combines Booz Allen’s approach to technical transformation and acceleration with Kion’s best-in-class cloud enablement platform. Together, we will act as a force multiplier and empower our customers’ cloud migration and adoption journeys with the best long-term solution tailored to each organization’s mission,” he continued.

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