Libra daily horoscope for October 31: Finances must be taken care of | Astrology


By Manisha Koushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

BALANCE (Sep 24 23 Oct)

Today you will be working to bring harmony to your life. You may go through a short period of tension, but with your great self-confidence you will be able to overcome it courageously. You will take on additional responsibilities and shape situations in your favor. You are likely to experience a roller coaster of emotions, which you will need to deal with wisely. You will triumph over challenges and make a mark in your chosen field of work. Today, nothing will prevent you from accomplishing your tasks and reaching your goals. You will be able to reconnect with old friends, with whom you had lost contact, and relive your heyday.

Balance Finance today

You are likely to forge a new, profitable partnership in business today. You will soon be able to close an old debt. However, carelessness and impulsiveness can lead to financial loss.

The Libra family today

A trip with your loved ones to an exotic place risks putting a hole in your pocket. This will not only bring you monetary losses, but can also strain your interpersonal relationships at home.

Libra career today

A new job posting is likely to take you to a foreign country, where you will not only enjoy the comfort of a managerial position, but where you will also earn generously. Your choice of career will be mentally rewarding today.

Balance Health Today

You are likely to follow a new diet routine, which will show its direct effect on your overall well-being. Maintaining an active lifestyle will keep you in shape. Yoga will help you calm your senses.

Libra loves life today

Today you will see happiness return to your life when you meet your loved one after a short separation. You will be able to convey your innermost feelings to your romantic partner, which will help strengthen your relationship.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky color: Coffee

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