Live updates from the fourth stimulus check: $200 Social Security, child tax credit, tax filing, Golden State payment…


– A tax return arrears of more than 6 million could create delays for receive tax refunds this year.

– IRS publishes plans to counter the impact of high inflationduring tax time

– Some older people will see social security benefitincreased to $1,657

– 2022 BREAKpayment schedule published

– Changes to the retirement agecould have an impact on your social security benefits in 2022

– Consumer price index increases 0.5% in December, 7 percent in the last twelve months

– Will you receive a fourth stimulus check of your state in 2022?

– Golden State’s latest round of stimulus checks have now been distributed

Useful information and links:

Tax Season 2021

– When can i expect my W-2 from my employer?

– An overview benefits available to parents and guardiansthis tax season

– When can you file your tax return?

Child tax credit

– How? ‘Or’ What many can expect families to claim for the child tax credit when they file their taxes?

– No child tax credit payments to be sent in January after Senate fails to pass Build Back Better bill

— Senator Manchin has his say on President Biden’s future Rebuild better proposals.

Stimulus checks

– How many stimulus checks have been approved in the last 12 months?

Social Security

Social Security beneficiaries are in line for a COLA increase, but could they also get a additional $200this month?

– What does the 5.9% increase in COLA does it mean for Social Security recipients?

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