NMC plans to restart Covid hospitals at own expense | Nagpur News


Nagpur: As Covid-19 positive cases see a marginal increase in the district, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) plans to restart two Covid hospitals at its expense within the next 15 days. The standing committee will make a decision on the proposal at the September 24 meeting.
As per the proposal tabled before the standing committee, the health department of NMC requested 5.39 crore rupees for the recruitment of 611 health workers for three months. In addition, 527 health workers will be prosecuted for vaccination tasks at a cost of Rs4.46 crore, 58 health workers for the Covid hospital in Indira Gandhi Rugnalaya at a cost of Rs75.96 lakh and 26 at the hospital Covid in isolation hospital at a cost of Rs17.19 lakh.
NMC officials told TOI: “NMC used to get 3 million rupees per month as healthcare workers salaries for its five Covid hospitals and the majority of government vaccination duty staff central. The Center stopped paying it as of August 1. NMC continued to vaccinate 527 health workers at its expense and closed five Covid hospitals. As cases are on the rise, we need to restart Covid hospitals. The plan is to start Indira Gandhi Rugnalaya first, followed by others depending on the number of patients. The proposal will be sent to the Salary Research Center. But NMC will have to bear it in case the Center refuses to pay the salaries. Therefore, the proposal was submitted to the standing committee.
Positive cases were single digits for the majority of August days in the district. In the past 10 days, cases have been in double digits over seven days. There were 16 cases Wednesday in the district.
Another proposal is to asphalt two Civil Lines roads – MLA Hostel Square in State Education Board Square and MahaMetro Office in High Court, at a cost of Rs1.64 crore. These two roads have been in poor condition for several months.
Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari organized a special meeting of the general organ on September 27. There are proposals to discuss the financial situation of NMC and the work done and pending since the start of the current fiscal year. The ruling party is likely to target the administration for not approving its list of works.


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