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LA MIRADA, California, October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Maintaining healthy finances can sometimes be an insurmountable hurdle not only for individuals but also for businesses. Despite the realization of the importance of careful planning, regular monitoring and careful management of debt, many households and businesses face budget challenges at some point. Without addressing their problems quickly and without developing a solid strategy for the future, they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, starting a vicious cycle that may be impossible to break. “In addition to the personal distress and economic damage it has inflicted, the global pandemic has forced people and businesses around the world to prioritize financial discipline and adopt practices that ensure preparedness for critical situations. ’emergency and long-term monetary security,’ according to Philippe L. Liberator, CPA, a Californiaprovider of accounting, tax and financial management services. “Over the past two years, we have seen clients become more invested in their financial health, seeking advice not only on immediate issues, but also on strategies that will ensure their ability to tackle any financial challenges in the business. to come up. “

“The Philippe L. Liberator, the CPA team has made the most of their expertise since the onset of the global public health crisis, helping clients cope with temporary tax problems while planning for the long term, ”says Philippe Liberator, founder and president of the company. “However, we have been doing this for over 30 years, working tirelessly to educate our clients on all matters related to finance.”

Chartered Public Accountants (CPAs) tend to be associated with tax season, but their services are invaluable in solving a wide range of issues, including personal finance, education or retirement savings, and business matters. Practice has shown that regular consultations with a CPA can help individuals and businesses stay in good financial health, and the support of these professionals is essential in times of crisis. “Identifying the most urgent expenses, creating and sticking to a weekly or monthly budget, paying down debt, negotiating better deals with lenders or insurers, and taking on additional work are common sense steps that we immediately recommend to clients caught up in the business. a difficult financial situation. , ” Philippe L. Liberator, notes the ACP.

An experienced CPA can also suggest solutions that go beyond the obvious, such as tapping into cash savings. Checking, savings and money market accounts can provide emergency assistance without incurring withdrawals or tax penalties. Philippe Liberator Says, “Whether personal or corporate, finances require proper planning and management, as well as discipline and consistency to ensure successful management of unforeseen tax challenges. Each situation is unique and will benefit tremendously from a personalized approach, so getting professional advice and support on time is essential to overcome financial difficulties. “

Founded in 1988, Philippe L. Liberator, CPA is an accounting firm that provides financial advice and support to small businesses, large corporations and individuals. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service, the company focuses on personalized care to ensure the best result for its clients in all tax and accounting matters. Philippe L. Liberator, CPA has built its reputation for excellence and expertise by establishing a framework that embraces principles such as accuracy, speed, consistency, integrity, maximized strategies with money-saving results, recognition of individual uniqueness and a down-to-earth approach aligned with the highest professional standards. The company was started by a veteran CPA and entrepreneur Philippe Liberator, who has over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance.

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