Investment philosophy

Our investment and corporate philosophy has been constant since our founding in 1968. They are rooted in the concepts of growth, ownership and aligned interests. We believe owners are acting in the long-term best interests of their stakeholders.

Pembroke is 100% owned by private partners who manage its investment portfolios, operations and client services. Our employees and their families are the largest non-institutional owners of the Company’s mutual funds and mutual funds, with more than C $ 100 million invested.

Pembroke specializes in managing portfolios of Canadian and US public companies that promise high and sustainable growth rates.

There are many important things to consider when identifying opportunities for growth that create wealth. Our active investment philosophy focuses on the strength and alignment of companies’ management teams, as well as their competitive strengths, market opportunities and the flexibility of their balance sheets.

Pembroke invests in long-term businesses and builds diversified portfolios across all industry sectors.

Investment approach

An investment with Pembroke begins with a discovery meeting with one of our customer service professionals, during which we begin to determine your financial needs, investment goals and risk tolerance.

Pembroke provides personalized advice, financial planning and wealth management services based on decades of experience. Strategic asset allocation and relevant strategies are reviewed, and your portfolio will be tailored to your specific goals.

Our goal is to create lasting relationships by matching your long term demands with our ability to add value.

Pembroke’s suite of strategies provide diversification by geography and asset class, and our solutions are accessible through segregated accounts, mutual funds and mutual funds. We offer Canadian, US and international equity strategies, balanced strategies that combine equity and fixed income, and fixed income strategies.

Customers have direct access to their Pembroke customer service professional as well as a private customer portal with account balances, performance information, transactions, reports and other resources.


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