Pike Therapeutics Announces Positive Animal Pharmacokinetic Study Results and Unexpected Benefits for Its Patented Weekly Continuous Transdermal CBD Delivery Technology

Pike Therapeutics Inc.


– Continuous positive delivery of CBD over 7 days in rabbits equivalent to an oral rabbit dose of 35 mg/kg/day
– Positive skin irritation score
– Significantly lower AUC (drug exposure)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pike Therapeutics Inc., a preclinical biotechnology company focused on transforming synthetic cannabinoids and psychedelics with its proprietary continuous transdermal delivery, has completed a preliminary pharmacokinetic study on the rabbit with its CBD formulations which gave first positive results. This study demonstrated that Pike’s continuous delivery technology provided sustained CBD blood levels over 7 days equivalent to oral dosing and achieved an acceptable skin irritation score.

Pike’s goal is to leverage our proprietary delivery technology and these early discoveries to develop an approach that delivers the oral equivalent of 20 mg/kg/day and could be equal or potentially superior in efficacy to the product. FDA-approved CBD prescription drug to treat seizures associated with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), Dravet Syndrome (DS) or Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). In humans, this product has a dose-toxicity response which demonstrates that higher exposure is associated with higher toxicity and discontinuation. This would imply that a lower AUC (exposure) would then reduce toxicity and potentially improve tolerance. Pike’s goal is to use a significantly lower dose and achieve an effective target blood level. In Pike’s animal study, we were able to demonstrate a measurable decrease in exposure.

Potential Benefits of Pike’s Continuous Delivery Technology

  • The side effect profile of the FDA-approved CBD product is dose-related, and dose escalation stops when patients can no longer tolerate it or due to toxicity. Dose escalation monitors drug tolerance and toxicity, starting at 5 mg/kg/day and increasing to a target of 20 mg/kg/day. Pike’s early findings offer the ability to skip dose escalation administration and go straight to the target maintenance dose.

  • Pike will deliver a measurably less drug continuously, which may provide an opportunity to push the target dose higher providing increased therapeutic effect.

Brad Miles, CEO, said, “We believe the data from this animal study is significantly relevant to our current stage of development and provides Pike with a solid foundation to move our platform forward.

Pike intends to pursue full development of our transdermal patch in multiple indications. Our next steps include finalizing the development of the transdermal patch so that we can enter the clinical phase.

About Pike Therapeutics

Pike is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company focused on transforming synthetic cannabinoids and psychedelics using our proprietary transdermal technology platform that uses significantly lower drug exposure combined with continuous delivery to target efficacy and increased tolerability.

To learn more, visit www.piketx.com

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