Sources: Sentinels hire ex-TSM executive Leena

Former TSM FTX President Leena Xu has joined Sentinels, multiple sources tell Dot Esports. Leena’s work with OfflineTV will continue and will not be directly related to Sentinels.

Leena joins Sentinels in a financial management role and has played an active role in organizing internally. She participated in the discussion and negotiation to acquire the former Counter-Strike player and VALORANTS streamer Tarik last week, sources say.

Leena is known for her rise within the former North American organization TSM, which propelled Leena into the larger esports sphere. She has worked with the organization since 2012 and was part of the esports operations and marketing department.

She resigned from her position at TSM amid controversy surrounding CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh in November 2021. She attributed part of the resignation to company management, with Reginald then facing a scrutiny regarding the harassment allegations, partly sparked by Leena. boyfriend and former TSM League of Legends Doublelift player.

Following her resignation from TSM, Leena joined OfflineTV, a streaming group made up of big stars such as Pokimane and Disguised Toast.

The Sentinels are led by CEO Rob Moore, a former vice president of Paramount Pictures, and co-president Eric Ma. Moore told Dot Esports last month that the organization wants to replicate some of TSM’s success in gaming. FPS tactical shooter from Riot Games. VALORANTS.

Sentinels are “committed to dominating VALORANTS like TSM and G2 did for League“Moore said.

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