Teampay integrates the expense management platform with Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365


The distributed spend management platform Teampay announced new integrations with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365.

Teampay’s solution helps organizations provide employees with controlled access to company money. It also provides automation to guide employees through the purchasing process using a conversational user interface for approval workflows.

Teampay already has integration with Slack, and CEO Andrew Hoag told MSDW that business collaboration tools are already proven to help customers increase their spend capture.

One of the things we learned early on is how easy it is for employees to use. Many customers switch to Teampay because they don’t require their team to log into another system. And so bringing expense management and getting the finance team to where people actually work rather than having them sort through a wiki and email some magical inbox to get something approved, that changes. totally gives it. And so early on, we’ve seen love letters from employees of our customers that say, “It’s so good because it’s right here and I always use it because it’s there.” Capturing spend is therefore a very important part of our thinking about strategy and what has changed in today’s world where every employee is part of the purchasing department.

The integration of ERP and the accounting system was also an important point of contact, Hoag said. The company already supports integrations with NetSuite, Intacct, Xero, and QuickBooks, and has rolled out its Dynamics 365 support in the past two months. While ERP keeps financial data, Hoag said Teampay sees the role of expense management as passing financial data and activities to other people in the business who need it.

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