West Coast leads the pack in digital engagement

US consumers from coast to coast are increasingly accustomed to going online to carry out their routine activities, but what precisely these online activities include varies widely from region to region. . Consumers living in tech hubs such as San Francisco, Seattle and Portland go online to do just about everything, from reading the morning news to hailing a ride to work, ordering groceries, streaming their favorite show, play, play and beyond. Meanwhile, those in the Midwest and other parts of the East are limiting their digital routines to far fewer basic activities.

This is according to the latest edition of ConnectedEconomyMT Monthly Report: Mapping Digital Behavior Across U.S. Regions, part of PYMNTS’ ongoing research into how the continued digitalization of the economy is reshaping consumers’ lives. New report details how regional differences in consumer behavior are shaping the connected economy in the United States

The main conclusions of our research are as follows:

• West Coast consumers are the most digitally engaged of all. Not only do they own more connected devices than consumers in other regions, but they also go online to conduct more of their routine activities than consumers in any other region. The average consumer in this “Pacific” region owns 5.4 devices and conducts 46% of their routine activities digitally.

• Consumers in the Midsouth region of the United States are most likely to live paycheck to paycheck and would like to use a “super app” to manage their personal finances. Two-thirds of consumers in this region live paycheck to paycheck, while 26% want a great app as a tool to improve their financial health.

• The biggest difference between regions is how consumers acquire their food. Pacific consumers are the most likely — and Midwesterners the least likely — to buy their food online, whether it’s groceries or restaurant orders. Pacific shoppers are 37% and 56% more likely to buy their restaurant orders and groceries online, respectively.

These are just some of the characteristics that make each US region’s digital business unique. The connected economyMT The monthly report digs deeper into these discrepancies to provide insight into how regional preferences shape the nation’s connected economy.

To learn more about regional differences in US consumer online behavior, To download The report.

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