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When I opened the Wednesday morning edition of the Bristol Herald Courier, I saw the opinion piece by Congressman Morgan Griffith.

Apparently he doesn’t know the basics of economics: you know, supply and demand? We have a market economy, member of Congress, so yes the prices for gas, heating oil, natural gas, and propane are higher, but you can’t blame the Biden administration for that, or the prices incredibly. higher than we see for homes and used vehicles. If you have to point the finger at anyone, blame the energy companies and their shareholders who put profits above consumer convenience. Congressman Griffith also seems to be completely unaware that the president has said that we will be making fully electric vehicles by 2035. This is to save energy, reduce our so-called carbon footprint and reduce global warming in the world. cost effective process.

I just saw the Tesla charging station at The Pinnacle and a guy was using it to power his amazing red Tesla. He’s the future Congressman Griffith, and you still live in a carbonaceous past of coal and / or petroleum while pointing fingers at the White House.

The congressman also laments the president’s shutdown of the Keystone pipeline, but he doesn’t tell us why the White House couldn’t back him. The ecological, environmental and financial issues involved far outweighed the potential benefits. Congressman Griffith is also apparently unaware that a Charlottesville company has built a massive new wind farm in Botetourt County that will provide clean power to 20,000 homes. Why isn’t he pushing for new wind farms and gigantic solar panels in the ninth arrondissement?


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