ZA Group Announces Large-Scale Acquisition of E-Roots Systems

PENSACOLA, Florida., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZA Group Inc (ZAAG) today announced the closing and acquisition of E-Roots Systems. ZAAG is delighted to announce that it has finally completed the acquisition of E-Roots System. E-Roots System is a sustainable food materials manufacturer that produces food growing equipment and goods. Over the past few weeks, ZA Group, its CEO, its lawyers and E-Roots Management negotiated the acquisition. All parties have come to terms and agreed that ZA Group will acquire 60% of E-Roots System.

ZA Group is also delighted to announce that E-Roots System already has its first order (under the ZA Group family of brands) for its tower system being negotiated and awarded. The company is working diligently to quickly close this case and begin fulfilling the order within the next few weeks. Since this large-scale order, of which the company expects to see much more, has passed now that E-Roots System is part of the ZA Group family, it seeks to create substantial value for shareholders and the market as well only on the rise for ZA Group in the coming days.

We are excited to be involved in the sustainable food manufacturing space through E-Roots in the sustainable food space and believe that through E-Roots, ZA Group will be able to help manufacture growing systems that will help bring quality food to places where fresh produce has historically lacked quality.

In addition to the acquisition of E-Roots System, ZA Group is also currently in discussions with other companies for potential acquisitions and/or manufacture of specific items. The company will make these announcements as they materialize in the market. ZA Group is looking to issue multiple press releases as we are able to release full details of these items in the coming days. These goals and business ventures align with our corporate vision of sustainability, wellness and consumer direct products. Additionally, ZAAG will release more details and news in the coming days about E-Roots System, its business and why we believe it is a game-changer and has huge growth potential.

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