Zafin and Codat join forces to provide more funding


TORONTO and LONDON, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Zafin, the world’s leading SaaS pricing and cloud-native product platform for financial institutions, today announces its partnership with Codat, a technology company that enables small businesses to seamlessly share business and financial data with financial institutions. Through this partnership, banks and credit unions will have access to the data necessary to serve more efficiently and personalize the products and prices provided to SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

Codat’s API connects many of the world’s leading accounting software, point-of-sale solutions and payroll platforms used by SMEs to business intelligence systems such as Zafin used by financial institutions. This better facilitates the flow of information, providing a real-time picture of an SME’s financial performance to aid in decision making. Codat-Zafin integration delivers a superior customer experience by improving the depth of data available to a bank or credit union and streamlining financial reviews and workflows. It improves a bank’s ability to deliver product packages better suited to an SME based on a better understanding of its stage of activity and unique financial needs. The partnership will also provide detailed cash flow information to financial institutions and allow them to offer more suitable products and prices, leading to better outcomes for financial institutions and SMEs.

“Providing next-level personalization is a key part of what Zafin and Codat offer to global financial institutions,” said Thomas Schickler, Executive Vice President and COO of Zafin. “This collaboration enables financial service providers to more effectively understand and present hyper-personalized recommendations to their SMB clients. We can now enable bankers to play a crucial role in promoting the well-being of their SME clients.

Zafin’s cloud-native SaaS product and pricing platform is layered on top of core legacy systems from banks. The platform offers a complete view of the customer and the ability to create new products and new pricing in months, not years. Offers and recommendations can be hyper-personalized according to the needs and financial health of the company, thus strengthening the overall relationship with the SME.

“Zafin’s approach to personalization is well established in banking and fits our technology perfectly,” said Peter Lord, CEO and co-founder of Codat. “Our mission is to make life easier for small businesses and enable small business vendors, through a single standardized API, to connect to software packages used by SMBs. We look forward to seeing many other SMEs and financial institutions prosper together through this partnership. “

The unified partnership solution is available worldwide immediately.

About Zafin:
Zafin, the global leader in cloud-native SaaS product and pricing solutions, is a trusted partner of the world’s most customer-centric financial institutions. Zafin’s product and pricing platform enables banks of all sizes to focus their customers, grow relationships and generate revenue.

The Zafin platform separates product and pricing from core processing to accelerate progressive modernization, enable digital transformation, and deliver relationship-level personalization.

A typical Zafin installation easily integrates with most back-end systems and customer-centric channels to increase product and pricing efficiency and agility, generate interest and non-interest income, and provide a positive return on investment, often in a year or less.

About Codat:
Codat is the fintech startup that powers the data ecosystem of SMEs. Codat’s API connects the tools and services small businesses need for their operations and handles the heavy lifting of integrations, ultimately leaving vendors free to focus on improving their offerings for small businesses.

Codat’s clients range from lenders to corporate card providers, and the use cases range from insurance to cash flow forecasting and more. Codat was founded in 2017 and has offices in London and New York.

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